Thursday, October 19, 2017

Agile - User Stories

i'm going to try and capture some points about user stories here as a rough guide;

- a user has a context --> always understand the persona, entering context, and exit context of a user.  "User A is an anonymous user of the site.  We know nothing about them when the first enter but we want to at least identify them when they leave."  "User B is an admin of the site, we know who they should be and once they leave, we want to know what they've done."

- a story should be simple --> "as User A, I want to do x, and have y at the end".

- big stories can become epics really quick --> "as a Known User, I want to login and see my dashboard".  This is an epic because there's authentication stories, ("as a Known user, I want to enter my username and password and be granted access/shown an error"), there's setting the authentication (2FA? administration? etc.) and then there's the last, dashboard.

- a simple user story --> "as an Anonymous User, I want to send a contact request and get a contact request receipt"

- every story should have an acceptance criteria and/or definition of done --> "... and get a contact request receipt"


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