Monday, January 25, 2016

Eclipse Che - Some Startup Notes

Eclipse Che - Some Startup Notes

so Eclipse Che is a really cool idea to create "cloud-based" workspaces and a browser based IDE.  It uses docker as a corner stone to the development lifecycle for workspaces and, in initial playing around, is pretty cool.

Some quick notes
  • don't try and run it under root - create a new user, make sure they're a part of the docker group, and you're good
  • doesn't "look" nice in safari (there's a couple challenges with fonts and css sheets)
  • be patient with the workspace kick off, it pulls a docker image and that can take time - good candidate for "cacheing" on you server
  • when creating a Java class, create it as a full package resolution (so not "MyClass" but "io.example.MyClass" otherwise it will give you errors
Some links that helped

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