Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spring Batch - Simple Async & Polling

Spring Batch - Simple Async & Polling

here's a use case a client came upon; they were going to use a Spring Batch Tasklet to call a service that would do some file processing.  The call to the remote service, if synchronous, would cause a transaction timeout in the Spring Batch world namely because the file processing service would take so long (let's say 10 mins).

to solve this, we looked at the RepeatStatus of the Tasklet as a 'polling-type' solution.  that is, we wouldn't allow the Tasklet to continue until we've gotten back an 'ok' from the service.  The service was then launched as FutureTask which sorted that out.

so, in the name of preserving this solution, here's the example

first the service interface that we want to call from batch

then the implementation

note: the BasicService class inside it is the dummy service

now a very very simple task let (place holder really)

and here's where the 'polling' happens

note: there's a pollingInterval set that allows for the tasklet to 'pause' before trying again

now here's the glue part - the batch job definition itself

and the resources as well

finally, here's a unit test to make sure it works

and to help get the project going, the maven pom too

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