Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Maven Release Protocol from the Command Line

Maven Commands for Release

to release a maven project
1. make sure you have the SCM set in the pom.xml
2. go through the 'prepare' then 'release' process

Prepare the code for 'release' 

mvn release:prepare -Dusername=[scm username] -Dpassword=[scm password] -Darguments='[skip tests or other arguments]'

Once started, the process will ask for version numbers, ask for the next snapshot number and 'tag' the SCM.  Once this is complete, execute the following;

mvn release:perform -Dusername=[svn username] -Dpassword=[scm password] -Darguments='[skip tests or othe arguments]'

Now you're good to go.

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